justin freeman

A Little About Chef Justin

My name is Justin Freedman and I'm the chef behind Chef Life. Being a chef became a dream for me when I was in elementary school. I grew very passionate about food growing up in my families restaurant all through high school.

In pursuing my passion, I attended the art institute of Fort Lauderdale and went from graduation to cooking the next day at a Locos Only in Delray Beach, Florida. I spent a lot of my cooking career in Palm Beach County specifically Delray Beach. I have cooked all different types of cuisines  and managed all different types of restaurants even a Marriott Hotel.

I started Chef Life after my first daughter was born to spend more time with my family. Being at home with my daughters I got very passionate about the foods they were consuming so I started making their baby food. That's how I started making organic baby food and helping others learn the benefits from making your children's food.


"It was the perfect evening. I invited 14 of my previous clients over to my home to show my appreciation for their business. Chef Life worked with me to create the perfect menu that fell within my budget. Thank you very much for all of your help, Chef Justin."

Agata Swatowska
Tiny Love Photography